Varieties of Custom Challenge Coins

Many companies and websites offer a variety of custom challenge coins. Each differs in style and design. Customers are given the total freedom to create their own design and are being produced by the many talented graphic artists of the company. Each coin can be customized according to the different options as to how each appears and look like. Together with the finish product each coin is being packaged either through its standard PVC pouch which is the free standard option in packaging the items, through velvet bag, through coin capsule, through velvet presentation box which is formal and elegant and through Custom Pouch Insert which is convenient to use.

challenge-coinsCustom challenge coin can be produced using die struck, one side color coin and both sides color coin. Die Struck coins are round in shape and die struck minted with optional enameling for the color. Its standard size is one and a half inches, one and seventy-five inches, two inches, two and twenty-five inches, two and a half inches, two and seventy-five inches. Oversized coins can be up to three inches in size. Base metal can be in antique silver, bright silver, antique gold, bright gold, bronze or in any base metal the customer wants it to have. This can be finished with a diamond cut edging or epoxy cover. Prices to these coins will vary according to the quantity of orders and with the combination of the different styles, options and sizes of the coin as well.

One side color coins adds richness and dimensions to the custom challenge coin. The same with any other coins, one side color coins can be produced in any options the customer wants it to have. However the only difference is that the imprint only applies to one side of the coin. Sizes to the coins starts from the standard coin size which is 1.50 inches up to the oversized coin which is 3 inches big.

Both sides color coins creates an instant classic to the coins. The color brings the beauty of the design and makes them the true meaning of the custom challenge coin. It uses up to 5 PMS solid coated and imprints on both sides. It can be imprinted in multicolor and a second side imprint is also possible. Sizes starts from the standard size 1.5 inches up to the oversized coin 3 inches big.

A variety of styles are also available as to how to create the custom challenge coins. These can be in Metal Styles, Edge Cuts, 3D Cuts, Cutouts, Custom Shapes and a lot more. Metal Styles is best to fit organizational styles. It can be produces through Polished Gold, Polished Silver, Black Nickel, Polished Brass and Polished Copper Metal. It can also be produced through Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Brass and Antique Copper Metal.

Best Edge Cuts designs are the Diamond Cut edges which produces an elegant look to the custom challenge coins. It includes the standard edge, rope cut edge, cross cut edge, wave cut edge and oblique cut edge.

custom coinsThere are four kinds of custom challenge coins. These are Military Coins, Police Coins, Fire Department Coins and Corporate Coins. Custom Challenge coins were originally military tradition. It spreads far and wide in the civilian world as well. They are used to build camaraderie among members of the organization and show membership in an elite group or even promote business. It serves as keepsakes through the military decades ago. It also serves a time honored icon to the army, Air Force, Coast Guards, Navy and the US Marines. This is now considered as a gold standard in group recognition and identification. It is truly an iconic representation of ones bravery and achievement in life.